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Nativity of the Lord, 2016

By faith we know that there is one God in three Persons. In the Creed we profess that the Son, the Second Person, is one in essence with the Father. This means, of course, that the Son shares the same divine substance, or essence, as the Father and is, therefore, truly God. The Holy Spirit […]

Sunday before Christmas, Dec. 18, 2016. Heb 11:9-10 & 32-40; Mt 1:1-25

Have you seen the commercials – or Perhaps you know your ancestry – or think you do. Those commercials imply that what you think you know about your ancestors may not be true. We just heard Matthew’s rendition of Jesus’ ancestry. If he were to be tested by one of the DNA services […]

Sunday of the Forefathers, Dec. 11, 2016. Lk 14:16-24

The man had a banquet and the people he invited didn’t come; but the poor, the lame, etc., did come. The point here, of course, is that the Jews did not respond to Jesus’ invitation, therefore the invitation went out to the Gentiles and they did respond. But let’s take this in a different direction. […]

29th Sunday after Pentecost, Dec. 4, 2016. Col 3:12-16; Lk 17:12-19

Who says no to more? Have you heard that question before? Who says no to more? We are in that time of year when people’s attention turns to getting gifts to give at Christmas. It seems to be the surrounding culture that tells us that more is better. Instead of a spirit of giving we […]