Monthly Archives: June 2018

Birth of St. John the Baptist, June 24, 2018. Lk 1:5-25. 57-68

You’ve just heard the account of the events regarding the birth of St. John the Baptist. St. Luke’s stirring account parallels in many ways the account of the conception and birth of Jesus. St. Luke connects St. John’s narrative with events in Palestinian history; he casts the Jesus account in the light of events of […]

4th Sunday after Pentecost, June 17, 2018. Mt 8:5-13

Last week, Jesus told us not to be anxious about our material needs, but to seek first the kingdom of God. Since we are to rely on God to provide for us as he does the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, it can be very tempting for us to keep […]

3rd Sunday after Pentecost, June 10, 2018. Mt 6:22-34

In recent news we’ve heard about floods in Maryland, volcano eruptions in Hawaii and Guatamala and wildfires out West and the bombing of civilian men, women and children in Syria. In all of these disasters people have lost homes and loved ones. We grieve with them and pray for their recovery. It’s during times such […]

2nd Sunday after Pentecost, June 3, 2018. Mt 4:18-23

The Gospel passage you just heard is usually referred to as the call of the apostles. Actually, though, it is the account of Jesus calling the first of his disciples. The word, disciples, means pupils, students. Only later would the disciples become apostles. That would be when Jesus told them, “ Go, therefore, and make […]